Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back To That Pesky Problem of Re-Bath “Honoring” Their Own Warranty…

We talked about it and decided to pay her since they won’t fix the leak unless we do. (Is that extortion? Just asking...-Hal)

George called back, She said when I get the check we will come out.
He said if you have it by Tuesday or Wednesday, when will we see you?
She said by Thursday or Friday the 22nd or 23rd of October. He said fine we will send the check today.

She asked why we didn’t just move it or have it moved? (As if we don't know the answer...-Hal)
He said because we were told by your sales men Chris that if we touch anything on our own we void our warrantee, she said oh that would not have applied. (I think a lot of what our salesman told us was BS!)

(We think a lot of what Re-Bath told us was a bunch of BS too! And you can bet if you do touch anything, Re-Bath will play that voided warranty card, as if they would actually cover any of their own supposed warranty anyway.-Hal)

George said she yelled a lot and was a total Bitch to deal with but when he agreed to pay her she calmed down and talked about doing it.
So I just wrote check number 2912 to Re-bath for $175.00 and in the note area wrote paid under duress and I stuck a sticky note on it saying Promised Thursday or Friday October 22 or 23. I am so sick and tired of this freaking bathroom!!!!!!!and Re-Bath!!!!!!!!!
It has been two years since we started this bathroom remodel and we are in the same spot that we started in it does look nicer but is functioning the same, I want to move just to get away from the shower! I REALLY HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO!

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