Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unbelievable! Late Again, And Still Charging For Their Mistakes

It is October 6th It is 8:55am and Kevin just arrived out front.
(Almost one full hour late, and this from a guy who “likes to show up early”. Give me a break!-Hal)
He is polite and introduced himself. I showed him the door and he said that usually they bring them out as far as possible. I explained how it looks really bad from the inside.
He said I see why he did it this way, I said me too but it is not where it belongs and not where he showed me it was going to go and not where the ones in the show room are. He said we can fit that. He said you realize that some screws will show.
(Pre-emptive CYA?-Hal)

I said not really, I measured them all and he checked what I was saying and saw I was right no holes will show. He is now prepping the area.
My Mother just asked Kevin to also check the seat that seems loose he said he would.

Kevin just let me know that the bill for today is $175. I can’t believe they want me to pay to make this right, after all that BS on the phone!! EVERYONE says it is wrong my friends, a carpenter and their show room person even said it!
AND I AM SUPPOSED TO PAY???? This is so wrong.

I never actually did agree to pay for this, we did not make a deal I just said to her Jennifer would you just send a guy out to fix this?
(Re-Bath “warranty” at their finest…-Hal)

9:56am I am listening to Kevin on his cell phone explaining how he is moving over a (my) shower door, he said I have it all cleaned and out I am just getting ready to move it now. He acknowledged what a person on the phone said and then he said, well I guess we learned from this that when we change from the original plan we need to let the customer know first. He listened more, then he stared to discuss something about signs being needed today in Avon.
I think he even feels this was wrong, why would he say that about letting the customer know first? Because he knows what I was told and what I ended up with were two different things!
(Sadly, even if the installer seems to side with or have sympathy for the customer, in the end we found out it is only one of two things. The installer is lying, or he will be forced by Re-Bath to what is best for Re-Bath, regardless of the contract or agreement.-Hal)

I am sick to my stomach thinking about how he wants money at the end of this and that I can’t in good conscious pay. I can’t pay for something that was not done right the first time, when I already paid $8,000.00. I cannot justify paying $175.00 more to fix what they did wrong or what at minimum a customer (me) is not happy with. I am sick trying to work out in my head what I am going to say to Kevin. He is a really nice man who is doing a great job…I am SICK! I should not be put into this situation.
(No one should be put into that situation. It is criminal. Unfortunately we too were made physically sick from stress from the way we were mistreated by Re-Bath, by the local jerks all the way up to the corporate slime.-Hal)

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