Monday, January 4, 2010

And Why Is It OK For The Customer To Have To Live With The Mistakes Re-Bath Makes?

I explained that the shower isn’t even 32 inches like I ordered and that it did not come out to the hinge like I requested and that I am not complaining about anything other than the door position.
Jennifer snapped and yelled it is 32 inches the rest is behind the wall. I said the shower measures 30 and 3/8 inches showing are you saying that more than 1 and a half inches is in the wall? The surround that you put up is only ¼ of an inch thick, how can that be?
She said this is all over the shower door being half an inch over? I can’t believe it!! Something could break…. The door could break by moving it.

I said it isn’t right. (Remember this folks, now that Re-Bath has the money, they consider the job done and WILL NOT HONOR THE WARRANTY! -Hal)

She argued that it is right and as far as she is concerned it is custom made and done right. (If it is custom made, why does it not fit? Just asking...-Hal)
I said Don’t you care that I spent 8 thousand dollars and we are not happy with the result?
She said it is right.
I said It does not look good.
She said well it is right I promise you that! (Again, we wonder if this woman has even seen what she is so vehemently arguing about, in our case almost the same thing happened. A person who had not seen the shower argued that we didn’t know what it should look like, not that she ever saw it...-Hal)

I asked if she is just blowing me off, and just didn’t want to deal with me because she sounded really upset.?
She said no, but this is silly.
I said not to us, it doesn’t look right. I said it might be ok as far as doors go, it functions, but aesthetically it looks bad.
She again said loudly this will cost her money to move it and how it could break the doors.
I said I didn’t feel like I should have to pay since it is not where the ones in the showroom are positioned and they look good and give you more room inside the shower and no shelf on the outside, just like we wanted ours to look and expected it to look. I explained we wanted what was shown to us in the show room.
She said there is no way to do it unless I pay $175.00.
I said that is not right and I asked her to lower her voice again.

I said I have told you that everything looks perfect, this is the only one problem we are complaining about and you don’t want to help me?
She said loudly well you said that it was great you wrote it in your email.
I said yes it is true it looks great and it really does, we love it, but we didn’t replace our old one on looks, it was for space. I only have one problem and that is the door position, Can’t you at least move it for us?
(Again we were surprised at how hard Re-Bath fought to tell us our crappy installation was the way it should be, even though what we saw and photographed in the showroom was much different, better. The moral here is don’t believe for a minute that they (Re-Bath) will make your installation look as nice as what they show you in the sales book or showroom.-Hal)

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