Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our guest’s story continues…

Mark continued to install the shower alone. Mark was very nice and answered any questions I had. He was really polite and great to deal with.
At the time when Mark was hanging the shower door he called me in to show me where it would go, I said great. He stood it up in the center of the shower ledge area. I agreed it was perfect.

But when he was done later however, it was not where he said it would be,
(We had the exact same thing happen. Seems to be the way they work.-Hal),
it was less than a 1/8th of an inch from the inside of the shower, he explained that was because the door frame was in the way. (The door frame that was not supposed to be there according to what Chris said, I asked for and, he and Dan had all said ok to.)

I was not happy.

It was the reason I replaced the old tub, just this problem is now on the other side. I said Oh but I don’t like that, it looks off it looks wrong.
He said there was nothing he could do the door frame was in the way. I said well it wasn’t supposed to be there anyway remember?
He said there was nothing he could do. I told him I didn’t like the way it looked. He apologized and again said there is nothing that can be done.
Mark had finished up at 11:05 pm. The tub was in and I was tired. On his way out Mark said he would be back on Friday the 24th around 8am to put in the floor.
Later in bed my husband and I talked and I said everything else is really looking good so far, but the shower door looks wrong.
We both were disappointed.

On Wednesday July 22nd George and I talked about the shower size, it seems to be too small, not just the door but the shower at the bottom area, we measured it and it is only 30 3/8th inches wide not 32 like ordered.
We were both bummed! (Can you say Bait & Switch?-Hal)

On Friday July 24th Mark arrived at 12:45pm and explained that he had to finish up another job. (Always an exscuse, never a resolution. Was he late to the ealier job? Our bet is it was just another excuse based on our experience.-Hal)
He went right to work he was very polite and covered all of my rugs. It again was a pleasure even though he was late and I could have worked this morning.

I asked again about the shower door, he said he wasn’t able to put it where it should go but that it was good there where it was. I said is this a 32 inch shower? He said yes it is. He put down the floor and finished at 11:10pm. He said he would be back at 9am the next day to grout. He was really friendly very polite and did a really good job and I have no complaints about Re-Bath or their workers, (We’re gonna interject a big NOT AT THIS TIME comment here…-Hal), other than the shower door not being in the center where it belongs and because the shower is too small the door placement makes it even smaller.
It looks fudged. (Um,'cause it is...?-Hal)

Matt from Re-Bath called that afternoon to see if he could send Melissa to take the after photo that night, I explained that they were not done and won’t finish till Monday. He said ok he would call back.
He wasn’t surprised that it was taking so long and I wondered why. (Yeah, not a surprise to the Re-Bath folks who know about the scam…-Hal)

On Saturday July 25th Mark arrived a 1:09pm he told us his bank account had been broken into somehow and that he spent the morning with the bank.
(Always some excuse laced with drama, something to make the customer feel sorry for them, it too is part of the SOP for them, and they tried to play it on us too. Shameful.-Hal)
Mark grouted and finished up at 7pm. The floor looked great. No toilet or sink till Monday but it looks great. Mark gave me a receipt and asked for the balance, I gave Mark a check for $3238.oo Leaving a balance of $2000.00 since Dan was not coming back till Monday to finish and I wouldn’t pay it off till it was done. He said ok he understood.
I stressed to him to tell Dan how important it was for him to be done here before 12:00 noon since I had plans for Monday at noon.
He said he would tell him and said that Dan really appreciated me letting him wait till Monday. I hate that they start so late, and work so late; I could have worked all week in the mornings. (Well, to them it’s all about them, not what they claim in the ads or sales pitches.-Hal)

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