Monday, December 14, 2009

Punctuality is not a Re-Bath trait…

On Tuesday July 28th Melissa arrived at 11:30 am.
Not for nothing… but I have been rescheduling my work for these people for 15 days now and it is starting to get really frustrating that no one from Re-Bath owns a friggen watch! (And what about that 1 day, 2 day no stress installation...?-Hal)
I had to work around their schedules, cancel appointments and dates and I am not happy that they are always late. …ok, this will be the last of it forever!
She took the photos, I held the stupid sign and smiled for them. And she was gone in about 45 minutes.
I am so glad it is over… FINALLY!
Later I mailed in my warrantee card for my shower, that I got from the one of the workers or Chris, I don’t remember which one.

The next day Wednesday July 29th my husband and I talked about the door on the shower and how it looks. We are very happy with the looks of the whole bathroom with the exception of the shower door. We decided we can live with the shower being 31 inches not 32 but we really don’t like the door where it is. It gives no room inside of the shower only a little less than 1/8th inch, and a ledge of 2 plus inches on the outside to gather dust. The overall measurements were 4 inches. The door itself took up almost 2 inches. So it really needed to go back one inch from the inside of the shower to look right and give us the room we wanted in the first place.

We also noticed after showering that the shower head is not centered as requested. George took off the shower faucet dial and turned it to the bottom so now when we shower, we won’t change the heat, it took George 5 minutes to do what Dan said can’t be done! (So many common elements in how Re-Bath refuses to do what the customers order and are originally sold are in this story too. Not by coincidence, but by the very nature of how Re-Bath agents are taught to behave.-Hal)

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