Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And to continue with our guest’s story, please read on:

We asked Chris if we could use the faucets that we have since they match our bathroom and are less than a year old but he said no, that in order to have a life time warrantee we needed to have them replaced, he told us what colors were available so we went with gold. (Bet Re-Bath takes them during the install...-Hal)

When we finished up, He informed us that Re-Bath will call us to set a time. That the whole process will take only two days since we were having a new floor installed by Re-Bath too.
Normally it is 24 hours but the floor will take a day as well.
(There goes the One-Day installation they charge a premium for… -Hal)

He gave us a copy of the papers stating that the job will be completed by 7-30-09. He gave us a price of $7,858.00. We gave him a deposit of $2,620.00 and we agreed on the prices and times and dates. When he left we were very happy with our decision. This is looking really great so far!! I need to come up with $2000 more between now and then since all I saved was 6k. I think I can sell my car.

On June 26 I called Chris to make sure he ordered a 32 inch tub. I was afraid he did not since it is not written on the form that he gave us. (Re-Bath is notorious for the salesmen making promises to the customer and not documenting them, in the end, the customer is the victim.-Hal) He said no problem the customer is always right, (Remember that for later.-Hal) and that the 32 inch shower was ordered. I thanked him.

On Tuesday July 14 Re-Bath called to schedule an appointment. They set up a date of Aug 3rd for the tub to be replaced they were to return on Aug 4th to tear up the floor and then again on the 5th to lay the floor then grout.

I asked why so long that Chris had said two days, Not three? She said well the floor takes a lot of time. I said you also told me that the job would be completed by the 30th? She said they were very busy. (Always an excuse for every broken agreement or promise, it is the only way Re-Bath knows how to proceed.-Hal) I said ok it was not a big deal. So I planned to have everything done that week and I rearranged my schedule to fit it all. I can’t wait this is going to be sooooo good!!

(It sounds like our guest is happy at this point even with some of the problems encountered. Stay tuned, it will become a story all too familiar and upsetting to other Re-Bath customers.-Hal)

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