Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Re-Bath B.S. And a Recap of This Mess Sent to Re-Bath Corporate.

They re-hung the shower door and made a point to show us how straight it was. (What happened to “we hang them crooked to keep the water in”?) But even though the door was hung straight, the track was installed a little crooked now. And the white flecks of caulk were still in the silicone?! How the hell did they do that? Even after we pointed it out again, and they said they would fix it right away, they still left it in there. Yep, real honesty with these boys... They did cut into the silicone and make it look worse before leaving though.

They did not show us that the shower worked because they said it would void the warranty if it got wet during the first 24 hours. Hmmm, that didn’t stop them on earlier occasions…

The following is the email we sent Heidi Seyler on 5-19-08, two days after the latest attempt.

”Hello Heidi,
I wish I could say the installers did a good job on Saturday the 17th of May 2008; unfortunately, there is now a much larger problem caused by the Re-Bath installers. I know you and corporate Re-Bath did not have any first hand control over these situations, but the facts remain as stated below.

The first time Re-Bath of California did the installation back on October 5-6, 2007, they left us with a leak where they installed the mixer valve behind the wall. I know we discussed this when we spoke the afternoon of April 4th 2008. As you may recall, I even pointed out that I was not asking for Re-Bath to compensate us for the damage done to our kitchen ceiling at that time since it was not visible due to kitchen cabinets covering the damage. Well, now things have gotten very bad.
When Re-Bath of San Diego did the re-install March 21-22, 2008, they said they fixed the leak created by Re-Bath of California, but in actuality they left an even larger leak and now the ceiling of our kitchen has a big sag in it due to that leak. It is damp and mushy to the touch and the seams of the panel are showing the stress, you can also see in the texture of the ceiling where the nail heads are. I went into my attic while Re-Bath of San Diego was here and we looked at the ceiling from above; (they could see it through the hole in the bathroom wall); it had a layer of standing water mixed with construction debris. Of course I cleaned it up and dried it best I could, but the damage had already been done. The leak also flooded the drywall behind the fixture panel and water logged the bathroom floor to point of warping it. We are not talking about the floor covering, the actual wood floor under the floor covering is now water damaged and warping.
Luis called Pat’s Pronto Plumbing in from San Diego to fix the bad plumbing joints done by both of the earlier Re-Bath attempts. We were informed they are the official Re-Bath plumbers. The plumber looked at the damaged ceiling and told us there would be no problem with Re-Bath’s insurance taking care of it.
I provided new wood to replace the waterlogged pieces, and Luis and Miguel replaced the drywall in the bathroom before installing the replacement acrylic panel.
After almost nine months of water leaking inside a wall and on top of the downstairs ceiling, we now have a major mold concern. To compound that issue, the adhesive used to install the panels does not have any mold resistance properties even though that was a big selling point made by Re-Bath and we were incorrectly told by Luis that the sealant they use does have said properties. Here is a link the products website: We had mold growth in the shower after only a few months of the first installation (done in Oct. ’07) and we now have an overly inviting environment created by Re-Bath for mold growth with no barrier or protection to keep it from growing.
We are also left with a warped bathroom floor and ruined kitchen ceiling, both caused by the leak. We have contacted a licensed contractor for a quote to make the repairs to the ceiling and floor.
And as if that isn't enough frustration created for us by the installers, they did such a hack job to our wall installing the same panel last time we now have to live with the bad alignment and sloppy caulking again. Don't worry, we're not asking for them to replace it, we see now it is a task beyond their abilities and have decided we will just cut our continuing losses and just live with it. We just need our bathroom floor and kitchen ceiling repaired.
This originally “just one day”, then “just two day installation” has mushroomed into now almost nine months, so far, of aggravation, stress and inconvenience, and now we have to endure more intrusion into and disruption of our lives to have two additional major repairs performed all because of Re-Bath agents damaging our home. We have not been unreasonable in our requests for a decent job to be done in a timely manner. It is utterly amazing to us that so many things can go so wrong at the hands of the employees of this company, especially after being treated as we were from the start of work by Randy Summy/Re-Bath of California. Never once has a Re-Bath agent/employee shown up on time for us, ever! They always end up staying late and rushing when performing work, to the detriment of the job.
We do fully realize you have tried to help us, and we thank you for your efforts and expect you to continue to help us, but we have been ripped off by this whole ordeal for far more than the money we are out of pocket.
Attached are some pictures showing the damage.
I will call you during the day if I don't hear from you during the morning, Monday May 19, 2008.”

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