Monday, August 18, 2008

Re-Bath Causes A Catastrophe

On the morning of Saturday May 17th, 2008, about two hours before the Re-Bath crew from San Diego was scheduled to arrive, we noticed our kitchen ceiling was significantly bowed. It was right under the bathroom in the same area as the earlier leak caused by Re-Bath of California. But now there was a 4 foot by 8 foot sag!
When the Re-Bath guys showed up on time, (HA! On time? Nope. On Re-Bath time maybe. Of course they were late again!), we showed them the ceiling and how it was apparently waterlogged.
They went to work removing the shower door and fixture wall; ironically (luckily?) the wall panel they came to replace was the wall the leak was behind. Imagine if they had not come to fix their last error, our ceiling would have probably fallen during the next week or so and done thousands more dollars of damage.
Once they exposed the pipes in the wall it was shooting a stream of water out of the joint THEY CLAIMED THEY FIXED! Re-Bath of San Diego badmouthed the shoddy work of Re-Bath of California and then proceeded to MAKE IT WORSE! Instead of a drip it was now a stream, a constant spray.

We checked in the attic adjacent to the shower and found it to be flooded.
The wood bathroom sub floor was now warped too.

They schlepped all the debris out of the house as fast as they could, but we were still able to get photos of it. It was obvious they were trying to down play the damage and amount of water logged materials. But what can you expect from this group? Dishonesty, lack of accountably and covering their asses are apparently the primary points of their job from what we’ve witnessed of them.
They even had the nerve to tell us it really wasn’t as wet as we thought it was after they spent some time covering it up. As if we were too stupid to know what we were seeing with our own eyes.
Oh, the big sag in the kitchen ceiling is not a clue that is as wet as we think?
The standing water in the attic we cleaned up is not as wet as we think?
The waterlogged as a wet sponge drywall they tried to hide isn’t as wet as we think?
The soaked insulation they tried to hide from us (but it leaked out the bag) isn’t as wet as we think?
How the hell do they know how wet we thought it was? The damage had been done, and this is their idea of damage control, moronic to say the least.
We’re sure you can tell by now how disgusted we are with the lies Re-Bath employees propagate as normal conversation. We don’t think they have the ability to be honest quite frankly. It would certainly cut into their business if they were required to be.

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