Thursday, August 21, 2008

Re-Bath Hiding Defects

Maybe the reason they did not show us how the shower worked before they left was because it didn’t work properly? It sprayed water almost everywhere except where you would stand to take a shower. It shot out over the door and sprayed all the way to the toilet as well as dousing the floor and spraying the window. Remember the floor is now partially exposed unfinished wood and maybe they figured throwing more water on a floor they already damaged and a sub-floor they already damaged is no big deal. But that is assuming they actually thought about it, which we were beginning to doubt now as they have not exactly exhibited themselves to be all that sharp.

When testing the shower we also noticed that when we tried to rotate the shower to at least make it useable in the interim, the pipe coming out of the wall was not anchored. Can’t these fools do anything right!? Especially after the damage they have already caused!

Now, when we were sold this new shower system we were sold metal fixtures. It was stated very clearly that they were high quality metal shower heads, one fixed and one hand held, both with shower massage features. Instead, they brought and installed cheap Chinese made plastic shower heads. Even with our soft water this piece of cheap plastic crap only lasted about 6 months. And guess what, they tried to claim it was not part of the lifetime warranty now. Funny, it was when they sold it to us. Oh yeah, but they sold us a high quality metal unit…

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