Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Re-Bath Scam Theory

Well, instead of being able to get this next uncomfortable experience over in timely manner, once again we were told we had to wait for materials. This will turn out to be more than six weeks of waiting.
This has always had us wondering. When they really needed to, they showed up with materials the next day, but they make it sound like they have to make it just for you. Only when they come with the panels, they always have to cut them to fit onsite. And the pattern we chose we were told was one of most, if not the most, common pattern.
What gives? Are they lying? We think so, but about what? In this case we don’t know, or why? You would think the sooner they finished the job the sooner they would get paid.

Oh yeah, that’s right, they illegally charge the customer 50% down payment before “ordering” the materials. California law states that a down payment for this type of work is to be no more than $500.00 or 10% down.

Let’s see how this could work shall we?
We’ll bet they create this false wait time to somehow justify the excessive down payment. This way they rip off the consumer before they even provide anything tangible. And when they screw up on the installation, or just don’t finish it, they are already turning a profit. We wonder how many times they never come back to do the installation at all?
Then when they sue the unsuspecting customer for the balance they claim is due, they can’t lose in their mind. They already have most of what they want, (since they charged more than the materials actually cost), now they claim if the customer doesn’t pay up, they lose the warranty which frees Re-Bath from any responsibility, or if they some how collect, its pure profit on top of it all.

That plays out to be quite a scam don’t you think?! Conspiracy theory? You decide. We are just spit balling ideas...

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