Friday, August 15, 2008

Re-Bath of San Diego Begins to Show it’s True Colors or Re-Bath Status Quo/SOP

Since it was obvious Heidi was lied to by Myrna, (Hmmm, she’s starting to act just like Randy Summy, a coincidence, or the way they are taught?), we sent Heidi photos of some the new problems. During a phone conversation on the afternoon of the 3rd of April, Heidi agreed to look at the photos so she could see firsthand what we were describing.

This is an email sent on 4-3-08:
Hello Heidi, Attached are some pictures taken per our conversation of 4-3-08 as well as a word document with some explanations of the photos. It turns out the bow in the wall is truly 1/2 inch deep, not 3/8 inch deep, both are excessive and unsatisfactory and not to the standards of anyone dealing with any sort of quality in these matters. We are very disappointed in the way this situation is being handled. We trusted Re-Bath to do what they said they would do only to be told afterwards the inferior work is up to the standard we were originally sold. Please do us a favor and review your companies sales information and advertising and tell us honestly if you think what has been installed in our home meets the standards touted by the advertising.Our floor is now torn up and additional damage was done to our wall by them even though the installers said they would not be causing any additional damage. (Pictures of that damage can be provided too, but as I mentioned in an earlier conversation, I was willing to work with you to resolve this mess and was willing to shoulder the cost of the floor and touch up of the existing wall damage, but to do more damage and still not fix the problems?) All we are asking is to have the fixture panel replaced as we were told by Luis it would be when he admitted they made a mistake at the time of the installation. They told us they would be back to replace the panel, why are they not being held to their word? Why are we expected to live with an error in installation? We have dealt with Re-Bath in good faith. We were very thorough in explaining what we wanted, and they said they understood fully and would have no problem doing it. We even provided the installers with a home cooked meal and drinks throughout the days they were here. This is not acceptable customer service.Looking forward to hearing back from you.

We couldn’t believe the response…

We were astounded and pleased to hear that Re-Bath of San Diego was going to come back and repair the bowed fixture wall. Concerned too, as we now had seen how they work and react to situations where they screw up.
But sadly we felt backed into a corner. We had a bathroom that had cost us thousands of dollars and was unattractive, unfinished and did not function properly all due to Re-Bath agents. It was an embarrassment to have this mess in our home. They had confiscated our original materials, destroyed almost everything else related. We could not go back. We were at their mercy and could only hope they would be able to do what seemed to be the impossible for them, simply install one wall in the shower and make it all look nice. At least not like the cheesy and shoddy looking way it was at this time.
So we reluctantly agreed. Very fearful of what more they could damage…

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