Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Re-Bath of San Diego Manager Goes Off The Deep End

After we sent the email to Mryna at San Diego Re-Bath, an immediate response call was received from Heidi Seyler at the Re-Bath corporate office (about 10:30AM) informing us they had dispatched a plumber to our home and they would be there at 11:00AM. She was told she should have checked with us first as we were not even home. She told me to call Myrna in San Diego.
(But Heidi said she had dispatched the plumber. Now Myrna’s in charge? Hmmm, sounds fishy doesn’t it...)

Coincidentally (?), Myrna called when hanging hung up with Heidi. Here’s where it starts sounding like a soap opera or a bad sitcom. This Myrna woman showed her true self and the depths of dishonesty she is willing to lower herself to try to screw someone when she feels she’s been caught doing the wrong thing.

An email was drafted with notes taken in real time during this conversation with Myrna, but we decided to wait and send it to Mr. Murdock after meeting the plumber at our home. We thought we'd give them the benefit of the doubt (huge doubt by this time) and see if they could redeem themslves by rectifying the situation and we didn't want to make any additional waves so to speak. Unfortunately for us, they were going to try to create a tsunami instead of work to fix the damage they caused.

We were literally dumbfounded when we received the below email upon returning to the office.

From Norm Murdock on 5-20-08:
"I am being told by San Diego Re-Bath that they called you prior to sending out a plumber to repair your faucet today but that you erupted at them & threatened a lawsuit. This is not consistent with what we agreed upon today. Please advise.


Norm Murdock, CFE
Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

Well it is 100% B.S. for one thing.

What Myrna did not know is that I was at work during that conversation and in an office where loud noise is not acceptable or tolerated, and have witnesses that will back up the assertion that I never raised my voice. One of them coincidentally was a police officer. (Good thing we have speaker phones...) She was totally fabricating the “incident”. What a liar! But then again… She is a Re-Bath representative…

Mr. Murdock was immediately called and sent the below email, while speaking to him. This is the one drafted in real time during the conversation with Myrna about 10:30 AM on 5-20-08, but delayed sending:

“Mr. Murdock, Apparently the art of finding new ways for Re-Bath franchises to further inconvenience us continues. I was treated to a verbal assault by Myrna when she called to inform me a plumber was on the way to my home. I asked her why she would send a plumber to a residence without even checking to see if anyone was there to allow entry. She then claimed she was tired of me threatening her (?!). When I asked her to explain that rather strong and false declaration, she refused to address it.
What she is unaware of is that I am at work in public earshot of many people, and just I don’t make threats. After repeatedly asking her to clarify just what she deemed a threat, she claimed my comment of “if she can’t help us, we will find other avenues” was meant as a threat. I beg to differ, really.
I don’t need this abuse. Why is it continuing, even could be deemed escalating? After all the problems incurred by us due to these peoples’ incompetence, this treatment is more unacceptable than ever.
To top it off, I had to leave work, loose work time and incur the added fuel cost to go home, only to wait for almost a hour for the plumbers to arrive at 12:40, not the 11:00 (or 12:00 I was told after I arrived home and waited for 40 minutes). Just another “normal” way Re-Bath franchises work apparently.
I’m requesting something be done form the corporate level in a positive direction, not this uncalled for and unwarranted petty game playing and time wasting and especially the lying has to stop.”

Wow, what a lying psycho whack job she is! And she is in charge of what Re-Bath claims is one of their very best franchises. This is one of the best?! Be afraid American Consumers, Be Very Afraid! Better yet, just avoid contact. We pity the poor soul who may meet her via a fender bender or some such other altercation. You know no matter what, it could not ever be her fault...

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