Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Re-Bath Fails Again. Same Crappy Work, Different Day

They came back Saturday the 22nd of March; at least they came in the morning, later than they said they would be back, but still in the AM. One would think they could be on time, especially when they are staying locally so they can be on time. But one would be wrong…

Considering it was a “One Day Installation” and they had already spent a full day of working on it the day and evening before, we expected them to be done by midday.

Well of course they weren’t. It was about 3:00PM when they finally claimed they were done. And they repeatedly had to remind us that they were working on Saturday and not getting paid for it, and that it was keeping them from their families.
Imagine! They are feeling inconvenienced? Boo Hoo.
Give us a break! Of course they were getting paid, they would not have done this for free, but to whine to us that this was keeping them from their families when their own tardiness and slow working caused us to miss yet another family function and also miss work ourselves, therefore losing income.
We believe we were suffering from what they were complaining about on a much higher scale. The gall of these people!

We inspected the installation and at first glance it looked pretty good. Then we opened the doors and noticed that they were not hung straight. At least this time they were not upside down, but they were obviously crooked. Luis, the lead installer told us they do that on purpose to keep the water in.
Huh? When the doors were closed there was a gap from about midway up.

Then we noticed the window trim was not even installed square to the window, or the walls. And the caulking was very sloppy, AGAIN. Even after we pointed out how poorly the caulk was the first time and we were told they could make it right this time, they failed.
Isn’t caulking one of the most basic skills one should grasp to do any job of this type? Even we can caulk 100% better than these clowns.
But they claim to be the professionals. And on top of that, the best Re-Bath of San Diego has to offer no less.
If that’s the best they have we sincerely urge you to look elsewhere and avoid using them at all costs, because it will cost you…

The linoleum floor was now cut away the entire length of the shower pan. They said they would have to trim a little to make it fit, but since the floor had been damaged so badly by Re-Bath of Ca, they just hacked it up even more and made it a total mess and fully revealed the wood floor. Now there was a big gap between the floor and the pan. Any water that will most assuredly splash out (from the incorrectly hung shower door) will spill onto the now fully unprotected raw wood floor. And they use the same Re-Bath line, “it was that way before!”

Then we see that the panel where the fixtures are (the one that leaked) is bowed in! Just like the opposite wall was from the earlier installation! These guys make fun of the crappy work done by their contemporaries, yet only succeed in repeating the same mistakes!

We see white caulking slivers embedded it the clear silicone. We see smears of glue or caulk or silicone on every wall, and gobs of silicone in the shower. We see the paint on the walls and ceiling is damaged further. We see the baseboards are cut off and missing. More damage than repair if you ask us. Everywhere we look it becomes more and more apparent the Re-Bath installers sent to us are inept sloppy hacks that resort to lies to explain why it doesn’t look like what Re-Bath sells.
They have no answer for how all these problems manifested themselves (again), but admit that the bow in the wall is a mistake (finally!) assure us that they will return and replace it. They also assure us Myrna, the manager of Re-Bath of San Diego will call us first thing Monday morning. You see where this is going don’t you. Do you think we received a call? Of course not, this is Re-Bath!

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