Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Re-Bath on time? No Way! That Would Require Consideration for the Customer

Someone had to be home to let these guys from San Diego Re-Bath in, so we took time off work to be home at the prescribed AM time on Friday March 21st, 2008. Of course they showed up late, after all it is the Re-Bath way. So when they arrived mid-day, (effectively robbing us of a half days pay) they say they now probably won’t be able to finish in one day. You do remember the ads, ONE DAY INSTALLATION? Don’t you believe it. And this was for a job that already had the bulk of the work done. More like a retrofit than a new full demo rebuild job.
Well, maybe if they could show up on time they could do the job in the time frame they sell you on? Maybe? Too much to ask? For them, yes. That would require honesty or integrity, two things Re-Bath is very short on.
(They claimed there was a wreck on the freeway that tied them up, but when we searched the internet for evidence of this “wreck” we could not find any mention of it and we never heard any mention of it on the news. They described a very scary sounding roll over accident. And they were very thorough in their description of this “accident”, where it was, what happened and the vehicles involved. This is a key point as it comes up again later.)

Good thing we scheduled them to come on Friday. Even though they said it was going to be a one day job, you know damn well if they came on Saturday they would not have finished, and they would not come back until Heaven knows when since the following Sunday was Easter. We made it clear we had family coming over on Sunday, and we were assured they would be done. (Too bad it would not be done correctly…)

Once they removed the acrylic wall panel that has the plumbing behind it, we found out that Re-Bath of CA had created a leak when they installed the plumbing, (unlicensed plumbing work too).
It had been leaking for months!
We checked the kitchen ceiling downstairs, (the bathroom is above the kitchen) and it appeared the leak had only damaged a section that was over some wall cabinets. Being fair people, (that’s a trait that will get you screwed royally when dealing with Re-Bath), we did not require them to repair the damage they had now caused to our downstairs ceiling as it was not visible and we figured we’d always have cabinets there.
If you are nice to them it’s like blood in the water to a shark.

The leak obviously had to be stopped. So the San Diego Re-Bath guys told us they could fix it. But now we were without water in the whole house, as it had to be shut off, for a few hours. Never mind the inconvenience (you may recall the Re-Bath slogan “No Inconvenience”, Ha Ha, right…).
We never should have trusted them, but they said they could do it as it wasn’t really plumbing work, just a re-soldering of a fitting. (You probably guessed they don’t have a plumbing license either, you’re right.) But they attempted to (and claimed they did) fix it nonetheless, and much to our detriment as we will sadly find out later.
Ironically they were bad mouthing (justifiably) the shoddy work and sloppiness of the “finished” job Re-Bath of Ca did. We guess they figured if they made fun of the crap the last guys did we would think they were on our side. We saw it as lack of professionalism.

Well, they worked all afternoon and into the evening; we even fed them dinner as well as gave them soft drinks and bottled water throughout the day, that’s just the way we are. We guess they took our courtesy as us being suckers.

Mind you we missed being able to share another family oriented celebration due to Re-Bath’s pattern of not arriving on time and not finishing in the time frame they establish. But since we were hoping to be done with this nightmare and were willing to persevere through yet another round of what they call bath improvement we just accepted it as par for the course...

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