Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Re-Bath of San Diego and Re-Bath Corporate Drop the Ball Again and Leave Us with No Shower

Now Tuesday May 20th has rolled around and we have not had the use of our shower for another four days now due to the total and unrelenting incompetence of Re-Bath. We were told on Saturday the 17th that a plumber would be dispatched on Monday the 19th, but Re-Bath drug it’s feet and did not do what they said they would.
(Wow News Flash! Re-Bath Lied!? Naw, it happens all the time, put it on the back page, old news...)

We called Myrna at Re-Bath S.D. since she did not provide us with a valid email address the last time we spoke on the day before. (BTW, Talking with her is not an enjoyable experience, at least for us.)
There is no excuse for disabling a customer’s shower and then refusing to put it back in working order ASAP. You can’t tell us what Myrna, and possibly Heidi, were doing by causing delays wasn’t punitive, and Myrna had a copped really bitchy attitude towards us on the phone, but then again she showed that side of her back when her workers were late several weeks ago too.
After trying to get some action to get our shower back in working order via phone calls, we realized we were going to need a paper trail, so to speak, so we went back to reiterating most of our phone conversations in emails and Word documents, it was a way to keep things honest as the written word can cut down a lot on hearsay, and time has a way of twisting some memories. We had no idea how correct and beneficial that line of logic would turn out to be.

We had to call Re-Bath corporate now since Myrna was claiming it was out of her hands, yet she was the one who was to dispatch the plumber from San Diego. We never should have trusted her to initiate dispatching a plumber as we were told.
(Yeah, we really should have heeded that old Aesop’s Fable. Kick me once shame on the ass, kick me twice, shame on me. Ha, just noticed that, “ass”, how ironically appropriate!)
But really, who would expect anyone to believe that someone in Tempe Arizona would be required to dispatch a plumber from San Diego California to drive to Los Angeles California? We still don’t believe it. Why not use a good “local to the problem” plumber and expedite the repair instead of inconveniencing the customer as much as possible?

Hmmm, think we just hit on another something there; it is all about treating us as bad as they can get away with at this point. It’s the only thing that really jibes with the facts.

At this point it was getting ridiculous how they were saying it was everyone else’s responsibility and acting like we were really unreasonable for wanting a shower (our primary shower) to be useable! And this over a “One Day Installation” that was supposed to be finished about 8 months ago!

Re-Bath really sucks, (for lack of a better term)! But then again, they sure seem to try hard to. At least they can accomplish that one something they set out to do... They certainly have proved to us they cannot do what they advertise though.


Anonymous said...

I was driving through my home city today (home from college) and saw a sign in someones yard that read "extremely unsatisfied with re-bath, make a sign showing how bad they are $100 first prize"

Anonymous said...

Rebath of Central Florida, owned by Richard S., sold to another individual in a asset sale only. Richard S., franchise owner of Rebath of Central Florida, walked away from paying his companies debts after the sale.

Thousands of Dollars in materials purchased and supplied to customers homes was never paid for. Richard S. owns another Rebath Franchise in Long Island, New York. People should be made aware that He may not pay for materials in New York and customers could have liens placed on there homes by suppliers and workers. Rebath of Central Florida, stiffed one of his former employees with default judgement in the amound of $18,500.00 plus court cost, and attorney fees.

The employee was kind enough to sign a credit application for Richard S., since Richard S. was a absentee owner. The debt is due to Scripps Publication, parent company for Florida Today Newspaper. Richard S. took the profit from the sale of the Rebath of Central Florida sale and skipped out on this debt and thousands of dollars more. Rebath has a very bad reputation of doing this type of thing ikt is all over the internet. And there installations are of poor quality.

Again you can see it all over the internet. This guy Richard S. still qualifies Rebath of Mid Florida with his Master Plumbing license and the person harmed by the debt is seeking that the State of Florida revoke Richard S. Master Plumbing License in the State of Florida. Rebath Corporate knows of this debt problem and states, ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM.
Yet Richard S. is a Rebath Franchise Holder still in Long Island New York.
Richard S. should be made to pay off this debt or have his New York franchise taken away. What kind of Franchise owners are you allowing Dave S.? Force Richard S. to pay the debt.

Anonymous said...

Re-Bath in Seattle,WA area and Re-Bath Corporate are equally bad. 4/11/2011 I am coming up on a year after the first faulty install and since then Re-Bath corporate have been to my house several times. Every time, including initial install, there is damage done to the walls around the tub and shower. To date, I have spent over $1000 on drywall and baseboard repairs and painting. I could live with it if it was now done right but it is not! The handle for the water mixer is loose, the shower head is tightened so hard that I can't replace it with a water saver shower head. (My water bill has gone up since they replaced the hardware the last time and I don't even like what it looks like now). The pipe coming out of the wall with the shower head is not very tight and "wiggled" when I tried to get the shower head off.
The caulking is horribly sloppy and all over the place and still it is coming off!! I could go on for hours bu having already lost several days work ($$$) to try to get this done I will most likely find a good attorney and sue this rip-off company. I have never sued anyone but this company should not be allowed to operate the way they are. They make promises and then you never hear from them again. I have dealt with 3 different people at corporate and they are all liars. I'm pretty sure they are waiting for the 1 year to have gone by. I'm sure there is some fine print somewhere that says they are not responsible after a year.