Thursday, August 14, 2008

Re-Bath Expects the Customer to Bite It When They Screw Up Repeatedly

We waited until Tuesday to contact Re-Bath of S.D., just to give them every opportunity to show us that a Re-Bath franchise could for once hold to their word. We again were disappointed, not surprised though. After getting the run around, (another status quo routine for all Re-Bath’s) we were basically told that is all they were going to do. They claimed they already did more than they needed to do to fix the mess the Re-Bath of Ca franchise created.
Interesting perspective, recreating a mess in a different way than before (when it was unacceptable) is above the call of duty and acceptable for this company? Can you say hypocrisy? And by this time Myrna was, shall we say, not a joy to speak with. She had become this way on Friday when called to inquire regarding the whereabouts of her “best” workers when they had become hours late without even calling.

Our only recourse was to contact Re-Bath corporate and explain the situation. But again, the franchise (Myrna) beat us to the punch and described the situation (one she had not seen mind you) to Re-Bath Corporate and claimed we were asking for something that was beyond the abilities of their system. She claimed we were exaggerating how bad it looked.
Beyond the quality of their system, yes most likely, but not beyond what we were sold or assured they could do. You may recall they bad mouthed the first installation and said they could do much better. Well, then why didn’t they? And now they claim we are too picky? They were just as picky about the Re-Bath of California’s inferior work. They didn’t say we were too picky when they first saw how bad it was and agreed it was shoddy work.
Oh, we know, we get it, we get it! They’re HYPOCRITES! Or is it they have no sense of responsibility? Both, is our guess.
Heidi Seyler at Re-Bath corporate basically dismissed our assertions of the poor work done due to Myrna’s secondhand and intentionally dishonest description of the situation, even though we pointed out to Heidi that we were bending over backwards to accommodate them in ways such as not requiring them to repair or even reimburse us for the ceilings or the floor they damaged and being patient despite the way we were being treated over this “One Day Installation” that was now six months old and still not done!

Remember, compromise to Re-Bath means you give up everything and they give you even less than any token offer they may have made earlier. We noticed this attitude from the franchises up through the corporate people. (And it will get worse later.)

Note that it had now been almost three weeks since they caused this secondary mess and we were still trying to get them to work with us.

Also, you may recall that they sell heavily on their LIFETIME WARRANTY on materials, yet they refuse to honor it even when there is a problem on the first day.
Do you think they will honor their “lifetime warranty” down the road should it be required?
Think very hard about the price they will charge you for what you get before you sign (and throw your money away)…

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