Friday, August 22, 2008

Re-Bath Bait & Switch Tactics

So, let’s see if we can understand how Re-Bath apparently does Bait & Switch for these items. They sell you on a product and it’s such a great item that you will not need the lifetime warranty it supposedly comes with. But they actually install a cheap low quality item that fails in a very short amount of time. But since they did not install what they sold you, it is not covered under the warranty. Is that how it works? Sure seems unfair.

Let’s see, how many items do we feel we were “Baited & Switched” on by Re-Bath?
Well, for one, the thickness of the wall panels they installed is substantially less than the sales samples they showed us. We do have a sample of left over material from the installation, and from the sales samples to prove it.
Another is the above/previously mentioned shower head(s).
The seat for the shower is another item that was switched on us and failed very early on as mentioned in an earlier blog post. They didn’t even mount it to the studs as they claimed they would.
The adhesive is another Bait & Switch type item since one of the selling points was no mold or mildew due to the use of fungicidal adhesives. We did get mold, and they didn’t use fungicidal adhesive.
We were sold a grab rail, but it was never provided or of course installed. They were supposed to come back a third time since they “forgot” it twice originally. We don’t know if that truly is Bait & Switch since they probably only ripped us off on that one. Is that worse? Maybe it’s fraud too?
We found out that the Re-Bath shower pan originally installed by Re-Bath of Ca was a cheap Home Depot type item that retails for about $200.00. Not the higher quality one we were shown and ultimately had installed by Re-Bath of S.D. (Hey they did end up by default doing the right thing on that one point, still it nowhere near offsets for all they troubles they caused.)
They got us in on the quick and non invasive, easy (One Day Installation, No Mess, No Stress and No Inconvenience) pitch. They knew they could not do it, yet they charged us a premium for this “service” and fully failed to deliver it. Seems like Bait & Switch, but we think it is really more like Fraud or maybe Breach of Contract?
They also promised us a written warranty contract to protect us from things like a leak (which so ironically and sadly happened) but reneged on as soon as they took our money.

Gotta say it again, they were caught being flat out liars. We made it clear that without this agreed upon additional warranty, there was no sale. Again, not sure if it constitutes a true Bait & Switch, but it definitely has a “Switch” characteristic to it to us, and the Bait part is they were well aware they would not get the job unless they provided the document (or lied as they did).
So to summarize, there are these eight items in the Bait & Switch arena:
1- Overall Wall System
2- Shower Head
3- Shower Seat
4- Mold Resistant Fungicidal Adhesive
5- Grab Rail
6- Shower Pan
7- Time Frame to Install, and not be Intrusive.
8- Withdrew additional warranty they promised before we agreed to contract with them.

Suffice to say, it is obvious that Re-Bath salespeople, and as far as we are concerned all Re-Bath employees, will say anything to make the sale as well as supplement the sales pitch with representations of items that are far superior to the actual products they install.
Call it what you will, Bait & Switch, Fraud, Lying, Cheating, maybe even Larceny in some cases, (We think it might have been attempted larceny with their trying to take our shower head. It was of value and we stated we wanted to keep it.), the bottom line is we were Ripped-Off by Re-Bath and odds are from our experiences you will be too if you deal with them.

And as if they are not satisfied with installing cheap junk after selling you a perceived quality item, they haul away your old stuff that can be better than what they are installing!
Thankfully we were able to retrieve from the first installers the high dollar and high quality shower head we had when they originally tried to do the install. We made it clear that we wanted to keep it, but they still took it and buried in the back of their truck, we're pretty sure they were hoping we would forget about until they left with it. Even when we called them on it, it took several reminders and walking one of them out to the truck and making him dig it out to give it back.
The next day when we asked where some of the other old items were he told us they took it all to the dump. When they went, we can’t imagine. They left too late to go to the dump they said they went to, and were supposedly tied up the morning. We suspect they reuse a lot of what they take from Re-Bath remodels and sell or otherwise profit from it.
It reeks of unethical actions, and downright dishonesty in the case of our showerhead.

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