Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coincidence? Highly Unlikely… And Frankly, The Comments Are Showing Quite a Bit of Ignorance.

Apparently this blog about the problems experienced while dealing with Re-Bath has struck a nerve…
We do see the humor and folly in this, but it is equally unsettling and disturbing.

All we wanted to do was point out how badly we were treated by Re-Bath and help inform other potential consumers so they could protect themselves from going through a hellish ordeal like we endured by being foolish enough to contract with Re-Bath.

But now the comments coming in response to our blog would suggest our most vocal readers have some “issues”. Anger? Oh yes, it sure seems like it. Mental instability? Again, it really seems like it.
Or could it simply be a case of the offender throwing another tantrum?

We’ve assumed, (and with good reason), some of the people we’ve dealt with through Re-Bath were, shall we say unbalanced, certainly predisposed to not have a firm grasp on the truth. But if these recent comment posts are indeed from Re-Bath affiliates, and therefore a possible indication of their state of mind, it is very alarming.
Remember, this is a company who initiated the problems and lied to us from the beginning, and got caught doing it; all we did was tried to defend ourselves from their dishonest practices and try to obtain fair compensation for the damage they ultimately caused.

This may only be a coincidence, but how utterly ironic can it be that only days after Randy Summy/Re-Bath of CA was notified by the California State Contractors License Board about the impending fine for illegal actions, this blog received a barrage of snide and juvenile “retorts”?
The timing is absolutely astounding!
Add to that, the majority of these comments arrived on the exact anniversary of the first bungled and botched attempt by Re-Bath of CA to install the low quality bathroom products they sold us.

We can assume it is Randy that is doing this. We can only guess the little jerk thinks it is safer to rage at us hiding behind a keyboard instead of prank phone calling this time around. There is a precedent that leads us to believe this is the situation. (See an earlier entry in this blog for an explanation if you wish. Blog post Friday September 6th 2008.)

And whether it is him, or possibly some other jerk(s), why only post by anonymous snipes? What is there to be afraid of? Too childish to stand up for the words you try to type? Feel like a big person firing off drivel while hiding like a little girl behind the shield of a computer? Think you really have any power when lying with the protection of assumed anonymity?

And no, we will not be publishing those unimaginative, curse filled comments that are basically what amount to no more than another childish temper tantrum, or on a more positive spin, a very pitiful effort at Lord knows what type of humor.


By the way, to the moron(s) who posted these comments, please, at least learn how to use spell check, we realize it is probably asking too much to request that you to actually learn how to spell, or even fathom what the words you are trying write truly mean.
Honestly, it made the writer (and we use that term loosely) sound like an absolute idiot, or maybe it is just that is what they are. Or maybe it’s time they put down the bottle before trying to communicate.
Thank us later for not allowing those posts to see the light of day. With as much refuse as is already floating around the internet, there was no need to pollute it anymore with garbage, and that is all it was, pollution.


While we welcome coherent comments and outside points of view in this blog, even ones that differ from our own, we also were intelligent enough to know there would be idiots such as the one(s) attempting to comment in these recent days. Of course we review all comments before allowing them to be posted. If someone wishes to post, we hope they can muster the mental ability to write something that is understandable and coherent, and not peppered with profanity. If that minimal goal is achieved, we will probably post it as we have in the past.


And a special sarcastic "thanks" to whomever posted (We can only assume it to be Randy Summy of Re-Bath CA, but yes, it is only an assumption) the offers to physically punish Re-Bath and its employees (Norm Murdock to be specific) in such a colorful way. We could also assume it is a misdirected show of allegiance to support our side of the described abominable situations created by Re-Bath, but we do not encourage nor participate in that type of behavior.
And it is actually rather disgusting what you advocate doing. You either need to take a step back and look at what you are doing in your life, or get some psychological help (and maybe sober up too) before you hurt yourself or anyone else.
(However, if in the case of the Darwinian theories holding true, you should only be on this earth but for a short time longer due to your own trials and tribulations, therefore absolving the rest of humanity from concerning themselves with you.)
But continuing to post such violent drivel will not do anything but show us the sad reality of your mental illness (or maybe simply your need to lash out from your perceived secure hole in the ground to fulfill something in your tiny unrewarding life) and require us to delete it.

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