Monday, October 13, 2008

The Grinch Would Be Proud

This is the email that was sent by us on 6-13-08 accompanying the two counter offers:
“Subject: Release Agreement

Mr. Murdock,
The damage from the water leak caused by Re-Bath is not something that allows Re-Bath to eliminate the warranty we were given (see Heidi Seyler’s email below)in order to be compensated. The warranty and the leak damage are two separate issues. The release you submitted is not a fair agreement. You are asking us to give up our rights in order for Re-Bath to pay for damages they directly caused and are already fully liable for. Option one is payment in full, as per the punch list you requested. It fully releases Re-Bath and it's affiliates from all responsibility. Option two covers the damage done to our home by the water leak created by Re-Bath. It also requires Re-Bath to honor the warranty last issued by Heidi Seyler on 2/22/2008. It does not release Re-Bath of California from responsibility. (Email referenced is provided below.) Copies of the work orders/invoices from Pat’s Pronto Plumbing are still required for either option.”

Norm’s response was this. Kind of like a counter offer, a weak one…:

“Re-Bath is willing to amend the agreement to leave our Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty intact for your Re-Bath system. Please let me know if this is agreeable to you & I will amend the agreement accordingly.
Norm Murdock,
CFE Vice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC
421 W Alameda Dr Tempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-7199”

And again we stated our case in hopes that they would find some compassion within their black hearts….

“Mr. Murdock,
May I suggest option one as outlined and attached in today's first email. You are again asking us to relinquish rights and not allowing fair consideration to do so. We are out of pocket that money. To make it conditional that we absolve Re-Bath of CA for any responsibility in order to be compensated for the damage they caused and are liable for is not a fair consideration or even compromise. You have the ability to close this issue. “

Nope, black as tar… He acts as if we never had the conversation where he must have deviated from the “Re-Bath rip off the customer guide book”. But then, that is predictable to us now after dealing with him for this much time.
All he offers is to uphold the warranty that they are required by law to. Since when is following the law a compromise? What an unethical manipulative cheat.
And what do they have to offer to make us think they will even honor it? This company has proven to us they have no honor. But if we are to proceed we need some answers, even though in the past, answers from them have turned out to be lies…

But we asked anyway…:

“Norm, Who will provide service should the need arise? We will require a written copy of the warranty as well as contact phone number and address of party or parties responsible for honoring the warranty before we can sign the agreement. Just to be clear, this agreement does not release Re-Bath of California from responsibility or liability. And we need the copies of the work orders/invoices from Pat’s Pronto Plumbing. Regards,”

Norm’s response was:
“Re-Bath LLC would arrange for service should you have a manufacturer's defect. We have no way of requiring the plumbing company to provide invoices as they are not a Re-Bath organization. The agreement must release Re-Bath of CA or we will not be able to proceed. Regards,
Norm Murdock,
CFEVice President - Franchise Operations
Re-Bath LLC421 W Alameda DrTempe, AZ 85282
ph 480-844-2596 ext 126
fax 480-833-719”

We may have forgotten to mention that Norm was ready to hang Randy Summy and Re-Bath of California out to be responsible for the entire mess as that is the originator of this mess.
But one only has to refer back to the Re-Bath perspective of compromise, (i.e. renege and lie), now he wants to protect him, we’re sure only in an attempt to punish us for simply standing up for our rights.
After all, to Re-Bath, the consumer is the ENEMY.

Wonder how Norm would feel reading the posts we assume Randy made threatening to "F" him up real good.

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