Monday, November 10, 2008

Talk about dishonest and unethical practices, (Talk about Re-Bath…)

The following day, after not accepting our phone calls, we received this from Heidi:

“From: Heidi Seyler []
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 9:09 AM
Subject: Re-Bath

The agreement that was faxed into us was amended from the original version of what was sent to you. Due to the fact that our General Release was not returned to us by 5:00pm on June 18th, 2008 we are considering our offer null and void and no further offers will be made.

Heidi Seyler
Re-Bath, LLC”

Cowards and cheats. They refuse to speak with us. Since it was obvious Heidi was not mature enough or even had the authority we were led to believe she had, we had to contact the president and vice president of Re-Bath. Turns out these guys are just as cowardly apparently as they refuse to speak with us too.

You’d think they would want to resolve this, especially since it is 100% their fault. What a group of disgusting scheming cheaters and liars.
But they have our money and we need it to repair the damage they have caused.

Our response to these underhanded jerks was still civil and polite and fully clarified what had truthfully transpired.

Dated 6-19-08:

“Mr. Sanders, Mr. Murdock,We are very disappointed in the way this situation is being handled. Mr. Murdock, you stated "We would like to resolve these issues quickly to avoid any further delay & make sure you are fully satisfied."
When are you going to fulfill that statement? We, in good faith, did what we were asked to do by Heidi, met the time constraint of faxing the signed document, (See Heidi's email below. Heidi made no mention of requirements other than "by end of business day", and no time even mentioned at that.), only to have her deny the agreement by claiming she not to receive it by 5:00PM June 18th, 2008. And then claiming it was denied because it was altered. Nothing in her instructions prohibited altering the document in any way.
In actuality, Re-Bath's offer sent on 6-17-08 was a modified version of an offer we sent on 6-13-08. If you can modify the document for a counter offer, why can't we? We are only trying to make a fair agreement with you.
The fact is the fax was sent and confirmed received at the fax number provided by Heidi before 8:39AM June 18th, 2008. That provided Re-Bath with an entire day to contact us if there were any issues. We complied fully to the requirements given to us, (read the email).
Denial on the grounds she stated is not acceptable or part of the agreement. Nothing states we could not make a counter offer, or that such an offer would result in voiding the agreement or absolving Re-Bath of their responsibility. And it does not absolve Re-Bath of compensating us for the damages they caused to our home.
The changes made to the document reflected the oral offer made to me by Mr. Murdock during our phone conversation on 6-10-08. The original oral agreement protected only Re-Bath Corporate, and Re-Bath San Diego, not Re-Bath of CA. The document was corrected only to clarify and reflect that agreement and still does protect Re-Bath corporate and Re-Bath S.D.
To deny it wholly on the grounds stated by Heidi is without merit and counter to our original discussions and intentions. It appears too many people are involved in this and are not sharing between them the information discussed with me.
Re-Bath had well over eight hours to respond yesterday if something needed to be addressed. An oral offer was made to us for $5050.00. We compromised and accepted it. A written offer that was not clear was sent, we returned it well with in the time frame with clarifications, no restrictions were placed on the document being returned adjusted for accuracy of the oral offer. We expect you to honor your word and warranty.”

But sadly, they are not an honorable company…


Anonymous said...

I am so glad I read this as I was going to call them tomorrow to get an estimate as to how much it would cost me to do my bathtub/shower.

Anonymous said...

We have had a horrible experience ourselves. we live in Colorado Springs and it's been eight months and alot of what we got is incorrect and very poorly done and alot of our stuff hasn't been ordered. They broke our expensive vanity, slopped paint and putty all over our bathrooms and brand new carpet and now refuse to put the supplies we paid for in our home or even finish the job. Corporate ignores us and the owner of the Rebath here had his attorney threaten us with a lawsuit for defamation because we called the police and filed a complaint with the BBB. The whole situation is horrible and we really wish we never hired them because they don't seem to care at all about honoring contracts and treating customers fairly.

Anonymous said...

My bath tub that is only used by my children has cracked for the third time in 6months. They have came out twice to patch the hole but it keeps cracking in the same spot.