Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Is Quite A Laundry List, A Dirty Laundry List. Shame On Re-Bath For Being Such Liars.

1st she said that Mark spent 30 minutes discussing the position of the door, that is a HUGE LIE, he showed me by holding it up in the middle and said” this is where it will go” Nothing more!! I agreed to it. Then he put it in a different spot!

2nd Jennifer said I said ok to the spot because of the door frame…it costs $1.12 let’s be serious, all I wanted was the shower to be done correctly.

3rd Jennifer stated that I signed off, yes I did only after complaining about the door position to mark! It was 11pm and he said nothing could be done!

4th she said I called back 2 weeks later it was only 7 days and we buried my Dad in the middle of it.

5th she said I told someone I was delighted, I have never used that word to describe this mess. I said it was fine and wrote an email because Matt pushed for it to end the photo op!

6th she said I wanted it moved because I wanted to gain a half inch, what I said is it looks wrong and is the exact opposite of what we had and hated!

7th she said she met with the installers and managers to discuss this; she was on the phone with me the whole time in one call. She talked to only me.

8th she said I was given an opportunity to have doors installed this way when the job was originally done, and that I opted to follow our standard procedure of leaving the entry door frame intact and moving the door 1/2" on threshold That was never said to me never offered to me and I told them the moment I saw it off centered. It was 1/8 of an inch from the inside of the shower….see photos.

9th She said she explained that Re-Bath would move the door, against their better judgment, but that she would have to pay for that service and understand the charges would be needed to cover the added labor and the risks that would ensue. She said I agreed to a $175.00 fee for this service. This is not what was said to me by any stretch, she complained that the door might break and that was her only concern. She asked for the money and I explained it was not my fault that it was installed correctly. I talked while she yelled and finally she agreed to do it right!

10th Jennifer wrote When the installer arrived, Ms. Tuccelli stated she understood she would be charged, allowed him to perform the work, but then refused to pay when it was completed I was told it would be $175 at the start yes, but I did not say a word I walked away and let him fix it. I had not agreed to pay anything and had no intention to pay more to have it done right.

11th Jennifer said, Two weeks later the doors did in fact begin to leak, which was my exact concern from the start. It was 7 days again, and it was not her concern she was afraid of it breaking.

I am blown away at the lies this woman tells and how she is trying to make it look like it was something we did wrong and not her.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Thank you for the warning!

Anonymous said...

It shows you what kind of company they truely are.