Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Honesty And Re-Bath-Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum…

October 28th 2009, at 11:35am, I opened my email and I received an email from Jennifer.
It is dated Monday at 3:29pm I am disappointed at the response. I saved it.
I sent a reply at 12:04pm with the shining examples of her honest business.

October 28th at 2:21pm, I received a call from Re-Bath headquarters from Amy.
She told me she received my email and was very sorry, she told me she would “feel the EXACT SAME WAY AS I DO”.

She said they are taking actions. (Yeah, but for or against the customer?-Hal)

I explained I felt the $175.00 that I was strong armed into paying was not right and she agreed. We talked about it and she said to call her if I needed to for anything and that she would handle this. She gave me her phone number 480-844-2596.

I told her I reported this to the BBB and she said she understood how I felt and agreed that I should NOT have paid more to have it corrected.

She gave me the address of to send the replies from Jennifer, I sent them all.

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Anonymous said...

I have decided to use Bath Fitter, thanks for the heads up!!!