Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The caulk is not the worst of the problems…

Again, more photos we took and submitted in court, under oath, to defend ourselves from being sued by Re-Bath for not approving of their “workmanship” that they refused to even finish before suing.
Remember their sales pitch, “You don’t pay in full until you are fully satisfied.” Well, the Re-Bath we dealt with apparently only used that as a sales pitch, it's words rang hollow when we asked them to honor that guarantee.

Check out the bow in this wall. Look at the gap behind the light switch. Is this acceptable? In what world? We don't think it was accetable, or even up to code, yet Re-Bath apparently did...

Not only is that bow significant, take note of the amount of recess the light switch is set back in with (the right hand side of the two switches) while the fan switch is flush.

Both a vertical and horizontal bow. We were told how rigid this product was, and that it was 1/4 inch thick. But what they installed was even thinner than the samples (under 1/4 inch thick too) they left. (We can provide photos of the material and samples they left too.)

For a comparison, here is what that wall looked like before we had Re-Bath do this "upgrade".
And also note the absence of the gouge in the door jamb. This photo was shot just before the “work” began.

Caulk debris in the clear silicone... Nice... Just shows the “attention to detail”.

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Just shows the “NO attention to detail”.