Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alignment was a problem too.

How about this for plumb alignment?
In just the width of the small window the levelness is of by over a full 1/4 inch in the span of about 2 feet.
Now the house already had a window, and it was/is level, so the part that is installed crooked is Re-Bath’s work.
Right side; note the measurement from the center of the grid line to the bottom of the window framing is less than 2 inches:

Left Side; note the measurement from the center of the grid line to the bottom of the window framing is just a tick short of 2 and ¼ inches:

Acceptable alignment "quality" to you for a nearly $6000.00 investment? Didn’t think so…

But off on just one horizontal plane? It also is not plumb (true flat) on the top plane. Note the triangle is square to the metal window frame. We understand draft for drainage but that is excessive, (although since the window assembly has weep holes was it really even necessary?).
Notice there is still the packing tape on the corner trim pieces so it is still very new/fresh, yet look at the caulking...
A side note, this "window" wall panel detached itself from the wall not long after it was installed and bowed outwardly quite a bit below the window. It was not adhered correctly over the existing tile they attached it to apparently...

Point being Re-Bath did not install their own product in a commonly accepted aesthetically pleasing way, or in a properly functioning way. Why?

And as if this wasn’t enough, it wasn’t even centered (left to right) on the wall/window! But we, the customers, were the ones blamed for this by the Re-Bath franchise owner. We still do not understand that mentality or attitude.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm getting more upset as I read each progressive post.

I want to sue this douchebag outfit for you...there's bad work and there's grand-mal hackery.

Look at that caulk-gobbed mess. A spastic chimp being could do a better job while being tazered.

Anonymous said...

The window sill caught my interest since we are window and sash company. If it was flat wouldn't that make water just set on the surface and not run off? The picture of the sill and the measurement of the sill to the grout lines - is the window level? Or is the grout lines not level? There seems to be the same amount of metal shown on each end of the window. Which makes me think that the old work - the window - is not level. You could look at the bottom of the wall and see if the grout lines were the same distant from the floor and then know if the wall was not installed level. Unless they also installed the window but this was no mention of that.

HelpfulHal said...

A certain amount of draft to aid in draining the slight collection of spray back into the shower is a logical thought. But since there are weep holes to drain the water away in the window frame and the original sill was level it is obviously not required.

The window is level. (After all, Re-Bath did not install it.) But since we did not post photos of both ends we are curious as to what makes you say “There seems to be the same amount of metal shown on each end of the window.”? Plus they slopped caulk all over the frame, you can’t tell if the window is level or not from the info we provided.

They did tear out the old tile and therefore had the responsibility to make sure the sill was prepped for the installation of the sill covering.
The molded in artificial grout lines do not line up due to the schlocky installation.

And you are assuming they installed the pan correctly and level too…

Care to share the name of your Sash Company for a free plug? Or to prove you are not just a Re-Bath shill? (Our apologies if we misinterpreted your comments and you are a legitimate company. It’s just that there has been a rash of obnoxious comments posted by Re-Bath people in this blog.) But something about your comments do seem fishy to us.

BTW: What do you think of their caulking abilities from what you see in the pictures?