Monday, July 12, 2010

Pictures, More Pictures...

Here are more photos showing the level of "quality" we received from Re-Bath's first attempt to do a shower installation.

This is a baseboard they cut to make the plastic wall panel fit, and the caulking they did...
Notice the nice horizontal chunk they took out of the wood? We did. This is what they considered as "finished". Would anyone reading this honestly consider this good work?

Here is an example of the caulk work they did at the tub/floor line. One of the corners where they hacked the floor up an the shower base was already shown earlier.

Also note that this was taken before we were able (allowed?) to use the shower, so the hair is not ours. Yes, a bit disgusting.

More of the trim, it was like this throughout the entire caulk job.

Here's another nice shot, note the use of silicone caulk that cannot be painted over on the ceiling.

And where they damaged the paint by their "workmanship". More unbelievable caulk work too. Yes, we were expected to pay a premium to Re-Bath for this level of work.

More chips and errant caulk...

Note that we were assured the walls and ceiling would not be damaged by the installation prior to contracting wit Re-Bath by the (unlicensed) salesman. And once it was damaged, we were told it was our responsibilty to fix it at our own expense.
Would you pay nearly $6000.00 for this level of "craftsmanship"? It certainly is not what we were sold...


Anonymous said...

I guess I just don't understand why Re-Bath didnt just come out and replace this mess and make this right!! WHAT A MESS!!

HelpfulHal said...

Yes, agreed, we too do not understand why the owner of Re-Bath of Ca (Signal Hill in Long Beach) refused to make it right and instead opted to sue, (even after saying they would take care of it). (He even refused mediation too. Guess there’s not enough money in mediation? (Just a thought…an opinion, not an outright claim…)

Unless that was his “plan” all along…? Again, just an observation, not a claim.

We have read in other people’s complaints online that the required “down payment” of about 50% of the purchase price is enough to cover all the materials and labor in a typical Re-Bath job. So the investment of less than $100.00 to sue is cheaper than doing the right thing. Many people do back down when threatened and intimidated with court proceedings, not us.

And in California, it is Illegal to charge that high of a percentage for a down payment prior to starting work, even though it is how Re-Bath does (did?) it.
We wonder if Re-Bath of Ca (Signal Hill in Long Beach) is still doing that after being cited and fined for improper practices by the State Contractors Board?

Do your homework before rather than after contracting or even contacting Re-Bath, or any contractor for that matter. Learn the laws so you can protect yourself.