Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We just found these similar complaints by doing a Google search for “rebath”.

It was the second link from the top of the page that wasn’t a paid advertisement (by Re-Bath).
So it clearly is not just us that have had problems or see a pattern of the way this company works:


Is it irony that doing a search for one company by their name brings forth a link to so many problems and complaints? No, it is not irony…

Now, if you do a Google search for “re bath complaints”, look at what comes up as the first link on page one:


Of particular interest to us was this comment:


While we do not know if it is the same franchise that we originally contracted with, the coincidences / similarities of the situations are astounding.

Whether it is or isn’t the same outfit, let’s pose this question, which is worse?
The same problems repeated by one franchise, or multiple franchises creating the same problems? See a pattern?

In fact, there are very many such websites, web pages and blogs dedicated to this one company and its franchises illuminating the problems many many consumers have had with them.

Maybe a full list, a catalog if you, will should be compiled to help protect consumers? Maybe someone will do that.

To the authors of those posts in the provided links: We sincerely hope it is OK that we posted those links in our blog. We will gladly remove them if asked by those who are responsible for originally posting them, but since it is offering protection in providing similar information to potential consumers, we thought it was the right thing to do. We only want what is best for the consumers. Just respond via the comments option. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Rebath leases franhises for 5 years. The concept of rebath express is to kill the franchisor off that makes the massive increase of quota.
DAVE SANDERS Sell them a liner, and then sell it again.

Paper plates are thicker then a rebath liner, just look at how thin they are at the drain. If anyone knew all the water and mold that grows under these tape durra bath liners, it would put them under.

Rebath dealerships were ten years, but they keep
lowering the contract years to flip owners and cut off warranty service. Because that guy went under. Even rebath corperate sold them selves the first of the year.

Even home depot by rebath only offers a one year life time warranty .
Attach it to google and bing. Show the fake warranty and mold proof TESS. The plastic turns yellow because it has no uv protection at all. The warranty is always voided because of a chemical cleaner. It's crap. ITS ENRON OF ONE DAY BATHS! The products will make you sick, mold mold mold, with a tub on top, THey all float with in two years.
You should post that it's the trueth.
Anyway when they loose homedepot, they'll just jump to LOWES. Rebath had over 325 dealers last year. NOw it less then 227. so keep up the good work.