Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alignment issues…

Check out this horizontal alignment. We were assured the grid lines molded into the wall panels would line up in corners by the salesman, just like our old tile, but the installers said they couldn't do it and the Re-Bath franchise owner said it was normal for them to not line up and furthermore claimed we agreed to this mis-match. (!?)
Absolutely not true, we did not agree to this bad alignment, and could not have, as we did not speak to him until after there were problems. Why would anyone want a lower quality in aesthetics "upgrade"?
Now for a fair photo comparison, below is what we were shown at the showroom as to what the corner alignment of the horizontal grid lines would look like.
To be clear, the sales literature brought by the salesman before we purchased showed photos of the same quality and clean alignment as we saw in the showroom.
We took these photos at our local Re-Bath showroom after the installation to show what Re-Bath shows the public and how it differed from what they installed and vehemently tried to make us accept:

Note how nice they were able to line those corner grid lines up? Not really indicative of what they installed in our home now is it?


Anonymous said...

It sure seems like they could have done it reightif they wanted to!! Or if they just hired people who knew what they were doing!!

HelpfulHal said...

We are not sure that this franchise of Re-Bath (of Ca Signal Hill in Long Beach) could have done it properly “if they wanted to” judging from all the excuses and blaming of the customer for their mistakes and how it turned out.
Maybe that is why they sued us? Maybe that was the best they could do? And maybe they knew it?