Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Movie and A Picture… A Disaster Double Feature… With a Trailer…

More from the file of what we brought as evidence to the court when we were unjustly sued for not paying due to Re-Bath of Ca not finishing the job.

Here's another live action shot, this time of another improperly attached wall, (like the one where the light switch is located).
Also note, the plumbing was not even anchored to anything inside the wall. When we pulled on the mixer valve, it came out of the escutcheon without turning on.
We don't think it was to code at all... And subsequently our thoughts on that were proven to be true.
And little did we know at the time this was shot, it was already leaking and in the not too distant future our downstairs ceiling would cave from the plumbing leak of this Re-Bath mixer valve installation.

One reason for this unacceptable flexing of the wall is this:

Foam was used to “shore up”, or construct the wall at the area Re-Bath removed the tiles and wall board from to install the shower mixer valve.
Just soft foam! Seems to us like a cheap way to go. We were later told that GreenBoard was the correct material to use.
Would you want this in your bathroom?
They also neglected to properly anchor the pipe in the wall to the framing.

It leaked enough for the water to soak into the wooden floor from the other side (inside) of the wall and rot it:

And caused our kitchen ceiling below to come down from being waterlogged…

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