Monday, July 19, 2010

We Have Movies! If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what’s a movie worth?

This is the shower seat Re-Bath "switched" on us described in an earlier post.
We were sold an altogether different looking and much sturdier seat. We complained before the installation of it when we were shown this item. (At the time we were not aware of the switching products/materials tactic that other people have also pointed out in their Re-Bath complaints).
We were told this one is the only one we could get, especially if we wanted our new bathroom done... (Well, not on time, but you probably get the picture (movie?) if you have been following our story). Yeah, like that was the only hang up to getting it finished...

As you can see it is very flimsy, it broke only a short time after we started using it, and no, we are not big/fat people. When it was removed we found out they did not even properly mount it to the studs. Just press in anchors into the old tile. But they had siliconed it to the wall, like that would hold it!?
The reality of why it failed is the product was cheap and poorly designed. Plus it is not what we were sold or charged for! Is this a good representation of Bait & Switch?

We really could have used that safety grab rail they never installed when it let loose too...

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry I did not find this site before. They have a horrible service. I tried to order a bath. The lady in Puerto Rico didn't know how to use the VISA, so she charged many times and I had to go to the bank to solve the problem. She put a lot of pressure and was very rude and pushy because even though she didn't make the charge to my credit card because she did not know how to use it, she was blaming me for the whole situation. I solved the problem with the bank but I lost trust on them because she said she ordered the bath tub as a special favor. Come on, this is business, I know she doesn't do favors.

My bank account was froze several days because she messed up and that's was the first experience. Then she kept calling me and demanding a deposit with a check. I did not trust them already. She kept calling me and threaten. They have a contract that allows them to keep the deposit after three days of the order. They never cash the deposit because they did not know how to use the card.

After this people in Puerto Rico is threaten me to take me to court so they can have the deposit. I don't feel like doing business with pushy people that don't know how to handle a bank account and at the top of everything are threatening me to take me to court. This Re-bath thing is a nightmare. They just care about selling and having your money. At least in Puerto Rico, they have the WORST customer service ever and the people who handle this are VERY rude with no knowledge about business and about customer service. If you want to give your money away and have a nightmare, call Re-Bath, Puerto Rico.