Friday, July 16, 2010

Floor Damage Pictures

Here are a couple more shots of the bathroom floor just after they “installed” their wares. The flooring was only a few years old and in fine shape when Re-Bath came to do their work. Here is the other corner they tore up at the base of the shower pan. Not just a cosmetic issue, water getting through did some rotting of the wooden floor below (at both corners).
And before you say, that doesn't look all that bad, remember any damage requires the replacement of the entire floor, including removing the toilet. But the audacity to claim it was this way before the work was done? Before he ever saw it?

Also take a look at the scuffs and damage that they caused elsewhere. The owner who had never been to our home prior to after the attempted installation had been “finished, but with more work needed”, said the floor was already that way and said we were liars for pointing out the damage as being caused by them. Never mind he had no way of knowing what our floor was like before, and that it was not torn and scuffed up, as he saw it, before his workers came to work at our home. Now tell us, who appears to be the liar?


jenn said...

I hope you contacted the BBB to help you.


HelpfulHal said...

Yes Jenn, we did contact the BBB, but what a disappointment…

Back in the first part of October 2007 we contacted the Better Business Bureau. What a waste of time.
The owner of Re-Bath CA, Randy Summy, lied to them and actually had the audacity to them we were suing him! (It was in fact he who was suing us even though he had not fulfilled the contract or even his spoken word to us that he would take care of the problems.)

He also changed the contactor’s license number he originally gave them and changed the name of the ownership of the franchise. It was quite surprising to us that the BBB allowed him to do this, as it was obvious to us it was that he was not telling the BBB the truth.

But, the did BBB tell us there were at least four more complaints of the same type as ours filed against Re-Bath of CA and Randy Summy with the BBB within a couple weeks of our claim.

No coincidence there by our view of Re-Bath Ca.

And you can bet it is likely less than 10% of the people who felt cheated actually stood up to do something besides complain to Re-Bath.
And Re-Bath must be aware of it, which is probably why they treat their customers as bad as they did us.
It’s not like they rely on repeat business. In fact at one point we told the installers there were other people waiting to see how well they did on our bathroom ready to hire them and we were told “so what” they didn’t care.

This is pertinent now as Randy Summy (owner of Re-Bath CA) contends it is our fault his business is not doing well. Too bad he cannot see he is the one running his business, (and poorly in our opinion for our treatment by him) and we are not the only ones dissatisfied with Re-Bath.
Don’t just take our word for it.
Do your homework. Research for yourself.
Try searches for “Re-Bath Complaints” and “ReBath Refund”, among other search words.
You will see there are a lot of very “vocal” unhappy Re-Bath customers now.

The point is you cannot trust the BBB to look out for you, the consumer. As long as a company pays them, they will allow that company to hold a good rating even in the face of repeated reported and proven fraud claims.

We also contacted the California State Contractors License Board. Now that was a different story with real consequences that Re-Bath of CA had to contend with…

Anonymous said...

What kind of jackalope is this Re-Bath owner person anyway?

No contractor would do plumbing work where they saw leakage and rot (since he says it was there "before" they did their crapola work) and not immediately bring it to the homeowner's attention and at the (very) least get them to sign off that they were declining to get it repaired.

This outfit is clearly run by an assclown.

Hal said...

Is jackalope another way of negatively describing a person as another animal name that starts with Jack? Never heard it before other than as a mythical animal and a Google search did not provide its context in refering to a person with it, like when someone calls a person a jackass for example. Please elaborate if you can.

While we concur with your perspective of how contractors should not forge ahead without covering themselves (let alone the courtesy of informing the customer) when faced with previously leaking and rotted areas, we also think that maybe the key words of properly licensed and ethical could be used as qualifiers in our case. But that is not the situation that happened to us.

And despite the claims by the owner that this "outfit" was "properly licensed", we have and (presented the court with) a copy of the citation from the CA Contractors State License Board that proves otherwise.

Sections violated:

You may have misunderstood what happened.

The reality is there was no leak in our home until Re-Bath caused it.

That is a fact admitted to by the Signal Hill franchise owner, in court and under oath just the other day.

(He also told the court that we were OK with the damage it caused. Not a verbatim quote, but the gist of his statement to the court.) Please read other sections of this blog to understand how it really went down.

Never heard of assclown either, and being so colorful we had to look it up too, and a quick Google search was performed to provide this:

A jerk; a buffoon; a person who is inept or ill-behaved to the point that others find him laughable. See:

Remember, alaways do your homework and research before hiring any contractor. Just because they may have a national name backing them (like Re-Bath in our case) it does not mean you are protected anymore than any other outfit, independent or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

We also contacted the BBB and found them to be of ZERO help, all they do is take you story and then take the companys story and say ok were done! On their records it states that we were at an iinpass and that the BBB is done with it.