Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Since they say a picture is worth a thousand words…

We thought it was time to start sharing this irrefutable evidence of the “workmanship” Re-Bath did when they first tried to install our shower. Mind you, these are the exact same photos we showed in court and (deemed in the public domain as such), presented and accepted under oath as proof of the shoddy work done to our home by the Re-Bath franchise Mr. Summy “owns”. Please recall that he sued us (before finishing the job and without benefit of proper contractor licensing) and therefore saw these pictures then. Nothing was said at that time (under oath too) by him that these were not factual representations of the “quality” of work done by his franchise.

Are you following all that? These photos were shot the day following the installation (10-7-07). Please note that the "One Day, Stress Free, No Mess" installation started on 10-5-07 and was never truly finished by Re-Bath of CA. Anyone can do the math and see it was not done in one, let alone two days.

Let’s start with an example of the exquisite alignment skills of the installers. Notice the packing tape still hold this trim piece “straight”? Yes, the caulk is fully dry and that was deemed acceptable by them. Also note the slopped caulk at the top of the window frame. Except for the house's glass and metal frame window, this is 100% Re-Bath work.

How about we show some of their incredible caulk work? Unbelievable as it may seem, this is exactly the work that was done around the window (dried) and they claimed this was fully acceptable caulking. Can you believe it?

We have many more photos as we had to take a lot of them since we were sued by the owner of the Re-Bath because we had the audacity to ask that he make good on his word of finishing this job before paying the balance.
Remember their slogan about the customer doesn't pay until the job is done to their satisfaction. Hmm, just realized they might mean Re-Bath when they say "their". Not the customer. Plausible?
We needed to prove he had not even tried to finish before suing us. We would not have needed to document this had he not caused this situation…
And since we had to eat the cost of printing them for the court, it seems only fair we share them with the rest of the world.

And before you blast us for not just re-doing the crappy caulking, think about this, if you were being charged almost $6000.00 to do this job, wouldn’t you expect a lot better quality?

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