Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take A Bow? No, Take The Bow Out

Here's one more "live action" shot of how poorly yet another wall was installed.
See how bowed in at the light switch it was?
See the flex?
See how it is not properly adhered to the wall?
Notice the depth difference between the two switches?

Randy from Re-Bath of Ca originally told us he would replace this incorrectly installed wall when he came out on 10-12-07 and inspected the work done. (See our post in this blog from Friday, July 25, 2008)
Not all of them, not two of them (see video of mixer valve wall…), just this one.
But instead he sued us, even after agreeing it was not acceptable workmanship to our faces.

He didn’t even serve us the court summons legally. He just mailed it via regular mail and we received it shortly before the court date. (It should be served via Certified Mail. Or by a party not involved in the action.)
Then, in court and under oath, he originally claimed the Sheriff had served us, but we had already checked with and had verification from the Sheriff department that he never hired the Sheriff department to serve us. Of course he had no proof from the Sheriff, (as we do from our countersuit) to back up that false claim.

Then he claimed his father, Lloyd Summy served us in our front yard. Lloyd Summy was the name on the contractor’s license Randy Summy used, and apparently was the previous Re-Bath franchise owner (if not the actual or co-owner) so he was not qualified to serve us. (See our post in this blog from Thursday, July 31, 2008 )

So which story was the truth Mr. Re-Bath? The correct answer is neither.

Oh yeah, did we mention we never saw, let alone spoke to Lloyd Summy, not for lack of trying. (Actually, yes we did mention that…) And, he was NEVER at or on our property, (at least when we were there, but that is another story) so that would constitute a lie would it not? (In court under oath, is that perjury?)

This shows the level this Re-Bath “owner” was willing to go to instead of just doing the ethical thing he said he would do. (He gave us his “word”.) That would have been to repair the mess his company made.

Is that the kind of service you would want from a contractor? Do your homework, do your own research, before hiring Re-Bath or any contractor.


Anonymous said...

Man, that's just sad. The poor quality of the materials is matched by the unprofessional installation.

I would hope that their licenses are looked at carefully come renewal time.

Then again, anyone making such shoddy "repairs" is probably a shape-shifting newt that slithers from one business name to another once they've defrauded so many customers that the word gets out.

Hope this "Randy" gets the Karmic kick in the sack that he has coming sooner than later.

Hal said...

We too hope there is a review process within the licensing board that checks with tighter scrutiny those contractors that have been busted for improper or illegal work practices. It would be in the best interest of the consumers.
It does appear that this is a business that changes company names more often than others. We can only wonder why, after all isn't branding a product for a long period of time supposed to be revered as a way to prove one has a quality product/practice?

Maybe your analogy is the reason, we are not saying we know, but it is also not the first time we've heard that reasoning/possible explanation. Maybe you should check it out if you are planning any work requiring a contractor.

Research before hiring any contractor. We learned the hard way.
Call the State Contractor Board. Inquire about the contractor's license you might hire. It is free. The contractor MUST provide you with their license number. If they don't, tell them to hit the road. And CALL when you get the number. Don't just assume if they provided it they are honest.
The name on the license we were first provided by this contractor had his daddy's name on it. When we filed a complaint, he changed it, and the number, but he was still cited and fined by the State Contractor Board...

Do your homework America!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD HAL! If a picture says a million word those videos say volumes!!!!!
Customers beware!!