Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Addressing A Complaint of Bait & Switch

This is a photo of the actual sample of material we were shown by the salesman.

He kept saying it was a quarter inch thick. (0.25”)
Note the measurement shown on the digital calipers.
0.131”, a little more than half of a quarter inch.

Granted, we knew it was not a quarter inch, but subsequent conversations to other Re-Bath professionals also stated the wall panel material was ¼ of an inch thick.
Why was the thickness so often referred to as a quarter of an inch thick? Don’t they know/see the difference? Maybe they didn’t think anyone would check? Or know? We can’t answer that.

Since the salesman showed us “the actual material” the mistaken use of a description of a larger size does not make it a Bait & Switch issue.

But wait! Now look at this photo of the actual material that was installed, we kept a remnant to prove what we noticed, that it is not only less than a ¼ inch, but it is less than the sample thickness of 0.131 too.
It is also a softer material. Not just softer due to being thinner in our opinion, but it seems to be a different density too.

To be fair, we did not measure it at the formed edge; that area is even thinner due to the stretching around the bend.
Notice the thickness? Only 0.093 inches thin. That is a difference of 0.038” from what we were shown and sold to what was installed. That is less than 71%. Well under three-fourths the thickness of what we were sold, now that meets the definition of Bait & Switch don’t you think? Let alone the difference in the density of the material.

Here’s something that is a quarter inch! But it is just the sample of accent colors…
Now maybe this is what the sales people are thinking of when they use that line about the wall panels being ¼ inch thick. It is not true, and wouldn’t you want a more knowledgeable sales person than one who can’t understand these differences? Yep, more supposition on our part, thinking out loud as it were, we don’t know why.
But we do know that what we were told/sold did not match what was installed.

Here’s the official Re-Bath sales samples and our remnant.
A lot of complaints online list Bait & Switch as one of the problems other Re-Bath customers and people just checking out Re-Bath have reported. Could this be a part of what they are referring to?

Be sure to do your research before hiring any contractor!


Anonymous said...

Is this about one rebath or several? I jumped thru a few pages and it seemed to be about more than one store: San Diego, Boston, Long Beach, etc. but then it seems that one was mentioned several times. Was your experience with all of them? OR were there several jobs with you and this one rebath?

We were thinking about using them and it seems like a local problem?

Anonymous said...

You have had a blog for about three years and you have gathered about 450 hits. If you look at Pissed Consumer we get 11,100 hits on just one posting for Rebath in six months. Don't you want your story told? No one is reading yours. You deserve to be heard. Consider also posting to Pissed Consumer.

HelpfulHal said...

It is about more than one Re-Bath franchise. We had direct dealings with a couple, plus the corporate office.
Another person in another state had problems too that are chronicled in the blog.

We had originally contracted with what turned out to be the Long Beach Re-Bath. At the time they had a storefront in Huntington Beach as well as Laguna Hills. But the work was performed for all locations in those areas from the Long Beach (Signal Hill) location.

After an abysmal failure by them and subsequent what we found to be dishonest practices, (including being not properly licensed and suing us for their mistakes and refusal to do what was contracted), we dealt with the corporate side of Re-Bath. We found out the hard way that while they acted nice and compassionate at first, they backed the terrible actions of the Re-Bath franchise.

Later the corporate part of Re-Bath tried to help by sending the San Diego Re-Bath to re-do the mess made by the Long Beach Re-Bath. While we thought it was a nice gesture at the time, it turned out to be a re-do of the mess, just with a different set of problems, and some of the same. When the work they did caused further catastrophic consequences, Re-Bath corporate again failed us and refused to own up to their obligations and honor their warranty. We are out several thousand dollars in repairs due to the actions of Re-Bath.

The references to the Boston area were from another dis-satisfied Re-Bath customer who wanted share her unfortunate experiences, much as we had, to inform others of what to be aware of if they choose to deal with Re-Bath.

In addition, the owner of original franchise we hired took it upon himself to personally harass and threaten us after not being able to strong arm us with his lawsuit.
Another thing to consider, check out the past work of any contractor before signing up to have them do any work. See if you can talk with past customers. We think we could have found out about this guys attitude and way of doing business earlier if we had done more homework since many similar complaints to ours were filed with the BBB against the same franchise/person. You shouldn’t have to, but you do need to protect yourself.

Plus having the story about the folks in Massachusetts also may make for some disjointed reading and that may be why the blog seems to jump around. Our apologies for the flow.

But, if you take the time to read the blog in the order it was written it will be quite clear as to what transpired. We took the time to respond to your comment, please take the time to read our blog. You may find it quite helpful. Thank you for inquiring.

And be sure to check out fully any contractor you may decide to hire before starting or signing. Also it is a good idea to check your local/state laws regarding down payment laws.
Good luck!