Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Beginning of a Nightmare

Back in August of 2007 we contracted we Re-Bath to do a "One Day, No-Mess, No Stress, No Inconvenience” remodel of our small upstairs bathroom shower.
What a mistake it turned out to be for us!
The salesman showed up late both times he came over. We found out later he was not even licensed, as required by California State Law, and the Re-Bath of Long Beach owner was later fined by the California State Contractors board for that fact.
After we contracted with him (Re-Bath) the salesman was apparently either terminated, or came to his senses and left on his own accord, before the job was done.

We thought we had done our homework about the company; we had seen their national ads on T.V. and found nothing online that would lead us to believe they were as bad to deal with as they turned out to be. In retrospect we get a D- for that homework assignment… But considering the lies and cover up tactics this company showed us subsequently, it is not entirely our fault we did not find references to their abysmal work ethics and practices before contracting with them.

The pictures and samples the salesman showed us looked very nice, too bad it is not the same product they installed or the level of quality they did either. We even went to the local Re-Bath showroom, and the quality of the displays there looked good too. We did our best to be informed before contracting with them, but when a company is programmed to cheat as this one seems to be to us... Guess we should not have trusted what they said or showed us… 20/20 hindsight.

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