Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Too Much Mold, So Much For the Re-Bath Guarantee...

We have to replace the Re-Bath caulking.  It didn't even last a few years before the mold began, and if you recall, one of the major selling points by Re-Bath was that it would not have any mold problems.

Was that a lie, or just part of the sales pitch?  In our case we think it was a blatant lie; considering how many other lies we were told by them.

Figured we might as well share this and keep the blog active, just in case someone else was considering using Re-Bath.  We heartily suggest you don't.  Unless you like being ripped off and lied to...

Can't wait to see what we find once we remove the obviously non-mold-free caulk Re-Bath used after being sold a guaranteed "not to mold up installation".  Stay tuned if you wish.

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