Friday, March 26, 2010

Wow, it seems we struck a nerve again.

Someone claiming to be the daddy (Lloyd Summey) of the little weasel manager of the Long Beach Re-Bath, Randy Summey, is contacting us claiming he is a “board certified behavioral analyst”.

Unfortunately the idiot can’t even spell his made up profession correctly.
Whether it truly is who he claims he is doubtful since the message is full of the same babbling tripe as several earlier efforts they made. It’s probably the little weasel himself. Wonder if daddy knows his brat is dragging his name though the mud? From what we learned, the nut falls not far from the tree so it’s a moot point.

What a bunch of childish vindictive thieves. Not satisfied with ripping off customers, they take their cheating to a personal level of harassment.

Are these the kinds of people you would want to do any kind of business with?
Again we have to say it, Shame on Re-Bath and Shame on the Summeys.

And to think we haven't even been posting about the Long Beach franchise for a good 4 months... We thought it was finally over. Wonder what triggered this latest childish tirade?

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